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The virtues of green tea

Tea is a plant which belongs to the Camellia family. The different varieties of tea can be due to the conditions in which they are cultivated, such as the quality of the soil or the climate. Ceylan and Darjeeling are among the teas that owe their names to the regions where they are grown.

However, the difference between teas also lies in the way the leaves are prepared. There is white tea (that comes from the gathering of buds) and green, red and black teas, each of which is increasingly fermented.

Green tea is non-fermented tea that has not been transformed in any way. The leaves are gathered very early and dried quickly to prevent fermentation. Consequently, it keeps all of its natural qualities. People in China and Japan, the two leading producers of green tea, have used it as a medicinal plant for centuries.

Green tea  is made up of many different constituents that give it incontestable virtues. As it is rich in theine (also called caffeine), it works primarily as a stimulant. Theine could be at the origin of green tea’s slimming effect as it increases the expenditure of energy. Green tea also stimulates the body’s immune system.

However green tea also contains polyphenols that are powerful anti-oxidants. They protect our bodies from the free radicals that are at the origin of skin aging, for example, and, more generally, from the deregulation of cell function.

Green tea is also a diuretic. It accelerates the excretion of toxins by our body. With its lipolytic properties, it favors the destocking of fats. These two combined actions make it a commonly-used ingredient in weight loss diets. Green tea also helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and is therefore recommended in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The powerful slimming effect of green tea, even if it is natural, should not preclude the use of other weight loss dietary supplements.
We advise that you respect the daily dosage and the period of treatment recommended.