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Avriline Chrome

Avriline Chrome  works to eliminate local excess fat and padding by using a micro-herbal  therapy principle based on the combined action of  15 different plant extracts, reinforced by chrome, to obtain the desired "fat burner " effect.


Soluble solution: bottle containing 500 ml.
Tablets: box/bottle containing sixty 550 mg.

Avriline Chrome, the perfect nutritional supplement for those:

  • Who want to effectively prevent the buildup of localized excess fat.
  • Who want to lose the weight gained by a diet too rich in sugar.
  • Pour celles qui souhaitent améliorer les résultats d’un régime hypocalorique et/ou hyperprotéiné.
  • Who want to enhance the results of hypocaloric and/or hyperprotein diet.
  • Whose goal is to boost their glucose tolerance and still lose weight.