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Avriline silhouette

Avriline Silhouette  is a weight management food and slimming supplement  especially formulated to enhance women’s figures and prevent water retention, the buildup of cellulite and padding by using a micro-herbal  therapy principle which combines over  20 different plant extracts for a powerful and long-lasting "draining" effect.


Soluble solution: bottle with 500 ml.
Capsules: bottle  with 60 capsules.

Avriline Silhouette, the perfect nutritional supplement for those:

  • Those who want to effectively prevent water retention  and the tired, heavy leg feeling.
  • Those who are usually more concerned by their body mass than their weight.
  • Those who want to enhance the results of hypocaloric and/or hyperprotein diet.
  • Those who want to lose a few kilos and keep them off.
  • And, in particular, women who want to eliminate excess water triggered by the premenstrual syndrome and during menopause…