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Quality Charter

Netlab Pharma has specialized in the marketing and sale of nutritional supplements and healthcare products of natural origin since 1996.

Everyone who wants to stay fit, healthy and feel really together is aware that they should have a well-balanced diet. Unfortunately, our eating habits have gradually changed over the years as we produce fewer and fewer natural products. In addition, our modern lifestyle makes it hard for us to maintain healthy diet and often leads to disorders of one type or another.

Netlab Pharma sells products resulting from its own research and based on pharmaceutical-quality active constituents derived from non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) plants.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by a rigorous control of raw materials, by extensive testing and ongoing quality control during the manufacturing process as well as on the end products themselves. The methods we use to synthesize and extract our natural raw materials meet Europe’s highest standards.

Our products are guaranteed hypoallergenic and all of them are laboratory-tested. The percentages of active principles comply with French and European health regulations and are sufficiently concentrated to be truly effective.

The effectiveness of the large majority of our products has been proven clinically, either during the course of research studies or by “ex-vivo” experimentation on artificial models (skin…).

Since it was founded, our laboratory has pledged to refrain from testing its end products on animals.