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Green like…Avriline Silhouette

Avriline Silhouette

Green like…Avriline Silhouette

Your characteristics

The upper part of your body is slim and your waist quite well-defined. You gain weight easily, weight that is mainly spread over the lower part of your body, on the hips, buttocks and thighs. You often have blood circulation problems associated with cellulite. You have a tendency to feel “beat” and have trouble resisting the urge to nibble which is linked to frequent cravings. The symptoms can become more acute during the pre-menstrual cyc

Why you gain weight

They are mainly due to hormonal changes such as repeated pregnancies, menopause, the taking of birth-control pills. Bad eating habit are secondary for the type of figure. The profile indicates a predominant secretion of female hormones (estrogens, progesterone). This type of profile can be subject to veino-lymphatic and mechanical complications.

The solution

Avriline Silhouette is a drainer, especially designed to act on the problems of “gynoid” type women. It will help you to trim your figure and eliminate the localized curves thanks to a micro-herbal therapy principle based on the combined action of plant extracts with a predominately anti-cellulite effect, associated with a flat tummy and fat-burner effect.